Chris Hopkins


Florida Bar since 2017

Christopher “Hop” Hopkins

Christopher “Hop” Hopkins, has been a member of the Florida Bar since 2017 and is known as “Hop” to his friends and acquaintances.

Hop is a lifelong Florida resident, having lived in the Fort Myers and Cape Coral area of Florida, and relocated to Gainesville to practice civil litigation. Hop has extensive civil litigation experience, having previously represented litigation clients at a prestigious law firm in Cape Coral, Florida. He has also represented numerous creditors in debt collection lawsuits and resolved hundreds of cases through mediation and non-jury trials in the Fort Myers area.

Most recently, Hop has been representing civil litigation clients in the Gainesville area and has handled a wide variety of cases, including domestic violence cases, as well as dissolution of marriages and child custody determinations. He is very experienced with all aspects of civil procedure, discovery, depositions, and Motion hearings in a wide variety of civil lawsuits. He now brings his civil litigation skills to our clients here at Bagen Law and is committed to providing top quality legal services to injury victims involved in all types of car, motorcycle and semi truck accidents.

In his spare time, Hop enjoys traveling and culinary pursuits, including the collection of unique culinary cookware.

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