Bicycle Accidents in Ocala, Florida

Cycling is just a part of Florida culture. In fact, cycling around the sunny and scenic Florida is a dream come true. Unfortunately, many motorists do not fully appreciate bicyclers at least not their rights to the road. Bicyclers have a legal right to ride on the sidewalk and on the street all over Ocala, provided they follow traffic guidelines.

Many of the Ocala cyclists accidents that occur result not from bicycler ignorance, but from the negligence of surrounding motorists. If a motorist is not respectful of the bicyclers right to the road (in essence, treating the bicycle as if it were another vehicle) then the driver can make an error in judgment and topple over the bicycle easily causing massive injury.

Another common problem is that bicycle crashes are often underreported when compared to vehicular collisions. In fact, an accepted estimate is that only 10% of all bicycle accidents are reported many of which do involve cars and negligent driving. An estimated 45% of all bicycle accidents take place in intersections. One last sobering statistic: a cyclist hit by a car is far more likely to be killed than a bicycler who merely falls on the road.

We as motorists have a responsibility to keep the streets safe and to watch out for our fellow Florida residents who are traveling via bicycle. If you are injured because of someone elses negligence, or if you are knocked off your bike for no apparent reason, then you should consider all of your legal options. Many people involved in Ocala cyclists accidents tend to believe that they are not entitled to damages since they don’t have expensive cars, or that they are disqualified from medical damages since they were not inside a moving vehicle. However this is a major misconception! Many insurance companies actually do offer implied or stated coverage for bicycling accidents.

Unfortunately, sometimes motorists and policemen discriminate against cautious bicyclists and may claim that they are responsible for a collision, when in fact they are not. Furthermore, if you are injured because of a motorists negligence, you can always sue for personal injury. It is best to take legal action as soon as possible, and thats after immediately going to see a doctor and accessing your health. Don’t take anyones word for it until you see a personal injury lawyer. You may be entitled to damages and compensation under many circumstances.