If you or another rider you know were injured in a motorcycle collision, an attorney could help protect your legal rights.

After a motorcycle crash, most riders suffer serious personal injuries. Because a motorcycle offers little bodily protection, crash survivors face significant medical bills, lost income, a wrecked bike, and a long recovery. If someone else caused your motorcycle accident injuries and financial losses, you deserve the best motorcycle accident lawyer in Florida to advocate for your rights. 

But how do you find the best Florida motorcycle accident lawyer to handle your case?

The best lawyer for you may come down to fit—how well you and your motorcycle accident lawyer relate to each other.

Look for a lawyer’s experience with motorcycles—both with cases and the bikes themselves. You may relate better to a lawyer who rides motorcycles, for example. You may consider many other factors when choosing the best motorcycle accident lawyer for you, however, and this blog will cover many of them.

Florida Sees More Accidents Every Year

Riders come to Central Florida year-round to experience the many scenic routes, including the Emeralda Marsh Loop through Ocala National Forest and multiple top-ranked routes near Orlando, Tampa, St. Augustine, and more. Unfortunately, motorcycle crashes can happen anytime and anywhere, and someone other than the rider usually causes them. 

In one recent year, the Florida Highway Safety Department reported 107 motorcycle crashes in Alachua County, resulting in 93 injuries and six deaths. In Marion County, officials responded to 219 motorcycle accidents with 202 injuries and 20 fatalities. 

No one expects a motorcycle collision, but if you find yourself in one, you deserve a dedicated Florida motorcycle accident lawyer to pursue compensation for you.

Thousands of personal injury lawyers accept motorcycle accident cases in Florida. So, how do you choose the best lawyer to represent you? Start by looking for an attorney who understands motorcycle riders and how most accidents happen.

Deciding which motorcycle crash lawyer is best for you is a personal decision. You deserve an experienced advocate you can trust. Here are some helpful steps to help you choose the best motorcycle accident attorney in Florida to handle your injury case.

Step #1: How to Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Florida

Not all personal injury lawyers accept motorcycle injury cases. With thousands of potential Florida attorneys, you should only search for lawyers who understand and have motorcycle crash experience. You could focus on finding the best motorcycle accident lawyer near you, but most Florida motorcycle crash lawyers can help, regardless of their office location. 

To narrow your search for the best motorcycle accident lawyer in Florida, ask these questions:

  • What experience does the lawyer have with general personal injury cases and specifically representing motorcycle crash victims?
  • Does the lawyer understand how your specific injuries occurred, your medical prognosis, and the treatment you require?
  • How many insurance companies has the attorney successfully negotiated with?
  • Is the lawyer a litigator who can file a lawsuit for you if the insurance company refuses to offer a reasonable settlement?

Consider using multiple research methods to find the best lawyer for your situation who will meet your personal injury lawyer needs.

How to Find the Best Attorney for Your Motorcycle Accident Case Online

The fastest and easiest way to search for a Florida motorcycle accident lawyer is online.

Start with these websites:

  • General search engines like Google – Enter a specific phrase or question to help narrow your search. For example, “motorcycle accident lawyer” will return thousands of results, but “Ocala Florida motorcycle accident lawyer” will limit the results to that geographic area. Choose a few promising law firm sites and review their information to narrow your search.
  • Law firm websites – While on a legal website, read the practice area pages to learn whether they represent motorcycle accident victims like you. Read previous client testimonials to see how other accident victims describe their relationship with the firm. Look for legal awards and attorney distinctions that indicate the law firm’s reputation among the legal community.
  • Avvo – Clients can share their experiences after working with a specific lawyer on this law-oriented review site. Some reviews are requested testimonials, but most comments are unbiased reviews, both positive and negative.
  • Yelp – Customers and clients from many different businesses post reviews on Yelp. It is not limited to lawyers. A company can ask a customer or client to post a review, but most people voluntarily share their experiences and insights here, especially if the business treats them well. Yelp reviews are often more trustworthy since they are usually genuine.
  • Legal bar associations – States and many local counties establish bar associations for attorneys who practice in those areas. You can find information about the association members, including whether your potential lawyer is a member in good standing and for how long. See if the lawyer holds an executive position in the bar and how long they have practiced law.
  • Attorney discipline websites – Each state has a disciplinary organization that monitors lawyer activity and reviews client complaints. In Florida, the Disciplinary Review Committee oversees potential disciplinary cases related to Florida lawyers. Research potential motorcycle accident lawyers to see if they received any client complaints or discipline from the Florida Bar.
  • Social media – Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn allow users to post their thoughts about anything, including attorney reviews. However, due to the little fact-checking involved, these opinions don’t deserve as much weight in your decision. Attorney-client relationships are unique and personal. Use your common sense before accepting someone’s opinion as fact.

Overall, focus on your potential lawyer’s prior legal experience, reputation, and professional position in the legal community. Look for attorneys with several years of personal injury law experience, especially those who handle motorcycle accident claims. 

Consider the size of their firm or if they are a solo attorney. Your motorcycle collision case can require extensive financial resources and legal personnel to resolve your claim effectively. An experienced team of lawyers can serve as your best allies after a traumatic event like a motorcycle accident.

Ask for Referrals From Trusted Sources

One of the best ways to find the best motorcycle accident lawyer in Florida is to ask for a referral. The most reliable information comes from former clients and their friends and family who witnessed the lawyer’s work. Ask other riders if they can recommend an accident lawyer and why they suggest that particular person.

Specific questions you might ask include:

  • Was the lawyer patient and compassionate throughout the entire process? 
  • Was the lawyer responsive to emails and phone calls? 
  • Did the lawyer explain their legal strategy in understandable terms?
  • Was the accident victim involved in the decision-making process? 
  • How did the claim turn out, and how long did it take to resolve?
  • Was the lawyer’s fee reasonable under the circumstances?
  • Would they return to the same lawyer if they were injured again?

Remember, every accident involves different facts, injuries, and potential outcomes. Another person’s experience may differ from yours. Use the most credible information to choose the best motorcycle accident lawyer in Florida to handle your case.

Step #2: Interviewing Tips to Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Florida 

After researching and getting referrals, choose your two or three best motorcycle accident lawyer options. Reach out through their website or by phone for your free case consultation. The best motorcycle crash lawyers in Florida work with clients on a contingency fee basis. This means they will not charge you to discuss your case, and you should not pay attorney’s fees until they recover compensation for you.

Create a list of questions to ensure your first attorney meeting goes well, and you don’t forget to ask something important.

Essential first consultation questions could include:

  • How many years have you handled Florida motorcycle personal injury cases?
  • Have you dealt with another motorcycle case similar to mine? How did it go?
  • Have any of your prior clients suffered injuries like mine?
  • Do you negotiate with many insurance companies? Have you dealt with my insurer?
  • How many motorcycle accident cases have you settled? How long does settlement usually take on average?
  • How many motorcycle cases went to a full trial? How many motorcycle trials have you won?
  • How much time do I have to file a motorcycle insurance claim?
  • How much time do I have to file a personal injury lawsuit?
  • Will I work directly with you if I hire your firm? Will you assign me to an associate or paralegal?
  • Who do I call or email with questions?
  • What do you honestly think about my case and the likelihood of recovering my losses?
  • How much do you think my motorcycle case is worth?
  • When can I expect to receive payment?
  • How do you calculate your legal fees, and will you handle my case on a contingency fee basis?

After your free case consultation, ask yourself: Did they listen to you when you spoke? Did they answer your questions clearly? Were you treated with respect and compassion? Do you trust them with your personal and financial details? 

Listen to your instincts and trust your gut when choosing the best motorcycle accident lawyer to work with. You will likely spend a lot of time working with this person during one of the most challenging times in your life.

Let’s Talk About Your Motorcycle Accident

Step #3: Once You Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Florida, Sign an Attorney-Client Agreement

To legally create an attorney-client relationship, your personal injury accident lawyer will prepare a contract for your review. Read the agreement carefully and ask questions to ensure you understand the terms. You need to know what your motorcycle accident injury lawyer will or will not do for you. You will also have certain obligations according to the agreement, so be sure you know what you must do during the relationship. 

If the lawyer accepts your case on a contingency fee arrangement, you will not receive a bill for every communication with the lawyer. You probably won’t receive monthly statements for phone calls, emails, or specific work performed. This way, you won’t worry about how much your lawyer costs while also trying to pay medical bills and other family expenses during your recovery.

Instead, your motorcycle accident attorney will receive their fees from the money they collect on your behalf. The contract should explain how much they will receive and how your motorcycle accident attorney calculates the fee once you receive a final settlement or court judgment.

Don’t sign an agreement you don’t understand. You have the right to know the legal implications of the document you sign and what you can expect during the legal process. Once you are comfortable with the contract terms, place your trust in the highly qualified personal injury attorney you chose and turn your attention to your physical and emotional recovery.

How You Can Help Your Florida Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Succeed 

The personal injury attorney you choose will build a strong case to recover the compensation you deserve, but they will need your help along the way. You may need to give a statement under oath or submit to an independent medical examination. If your case goes to mediation or arbitration, you may need to participate in those proceedings.

Gather and organize needed information, provide medical updates on your recovery progress, submit bills and receipts, respond to questions as quickly as possible, and keep the lines of communication open at all times. You may already have some important documents, such as accident reports, witness statements, and medical records. If not, your lawyer can request these items for you if you authorize their release. 

Why You Should Consider Steven A. Bagen & Associates to Handle Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Gainesville Personal Injury lawyer Steven A. Bagen
Florida Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, Steven A. Bagen

Once you receive the initial medical care you need, take the next step to find the best motorcycle accident lawyer in Florida. Don’t feel obligated to hire a lawyer simply because they provided a free consultation. For the best results, you and your lawyer should be the right fit for each other. Also, the law firm must have the time and resources needed to handle your case to its final resolution. 

Once you find the right attorney to take your case, your focus can shift to your recovery, your family’s well-being, and your future.

The motorcycle accident lawyers at Steven A. Bagen & Associates will answer your questions and demystify the often complex personal injury claim process. We’ll fight to recover the most compensation possible and bring you peace of mind. 

During a free case consultation, you can learn more about our dedicated team of professionals and our personal injury legal services. While you recover from your motorcycle accident injuries, we’ll use our extensive experience to fight for you. Call (800) 800-2575 or click the button below for your free consultation today.

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