Daytona bicycle accidents can result in serious injuries that leave victims and their families facing physical, emotional, and financial hardships. If you or a loved one were in a bicycle accident in Daytona, seek legal representation from an experienced attorney who can fight for your rights and seek the compensation you deserve.

At Steven A. Bagen & Associates, we have been dedicated to fighting for Florida’s injured for over 100+ years, securing hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients.

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Why Choose Steven A. Bagen & Associates’ Daytona Bicycle Accident Lawyers

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When representing bicycle accident victims in Daytona, Steven A. Bagen & Associates stands out from the competition.

Here’s why you should choose us:

  • More than a century of collective experience: Our team of skilled attorneys has an extensive background in personal injury law, including bicycle accidents. We bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to every case we handle.
  • Secured hundreds of millions of dollars for injured clients: We have a proven track record of success in obtaining substantial compensation for our clients. Our dedication and determination have resulted in securing hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts.
  • No fee guarantee: We believe that everyone deserves access to legal representation, regardless of their financial situation. That’s why we work on a contingency fee basis – you don’t pay us any fees unless we win your case and recover compensation for you.
  • Recognized by Super Lawyers: Less than five percent of attorneys receive the Super Lawyers designation, which is a testament to our skill, professionalism, and dedication to our clients. This prestigious recognition highlights our commitment to excellence in the legal field.
  • Recognized as an American Trial Lawyers, Top 100 personal injury law firm: Our firm has been recognized by the American Trial Lawyers Association as one of the country’s Top 100 personal injury law firms. This recognition further solidifies our reputation as a leading law firm in bicycle accident cases.

When you choose Steven A. Bagen & Associates as your legal representation, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a team of experienced personal injury attorneys in Daytona fighting for your rights.

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Some of our recent results include:

National Trial Lawyers Award - Awarded to Bagen Law Accident Injury Lawyers
  • $1.125 million for an elderly car accident client on her way to church who was slammed from the rear at a high rate of speed by a distracted driver paying attention to her small dog.
  • $3.5 million for a car accident client rear-ended while slowing for traffic on I-75.
  • $1.6 million for a younger car accident client sideswiped by a negligent driver, leading to a back injury.
  • $1 million for a car accident client who was driving on a rural highway when suddenly, as he approached an intersection, a semi-truck (hauling cement) pulled out directly in front of him, resulting in hip and arm injuries.
  • $350,000 for past and future lost income for a car accident client

Compensation for Bicycle Accident Injuries

You may recover compensation if you’ve suffered an injury in a bicycle accident. The amount of compensation you can recover depends on several factors, including the severity of your injuries, applicable insurance policies, and the experience of the lawyer you hire.

Severity of Injury

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The severity of your injuries plays a significant role in determining the amount of compensation you can claim.

Serious injuries such as broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord injuries (SCI), and permanent disabilities may result in higher compensation compared to minor injuries like bruises or scrapes. Your lawyer will assess the extent of your injuries and their impact on your life to build a strong case for compensation.

Applicable Insurance Policies

Another factor affecting the compensation you can expect is the insurance policies involved. If the at-fault party has insurance coverage, their policy may provide a source of compensation for your injuries and damages.

Additionally, if you have your own insurance policy, you can claim uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage if the responsible party doesn’t have adequate insurance.

The Experience of the Daytona Bicycle Accident Lawyer You Hire

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The experience and skill of the lawyer you hire can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

An experienced bicycle accident lawyer will thoroughly understand the legal process, know how to gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and present a compelling case in court if necessary. By hiring the right attorney, you can maximize your chances of obtaining fair and maximum compensation for your injuries.

Where Do Bicycle Accidents Occur in Daytona

Bicycle accidents can happen anywhere in Daytona. However, certain areas are more prone to these accidents due to various factors such as heavy traffic, poor road conditions, or lack of infrastructure for cyclists.

Some common locations for bicycle accidents in Daytona include:

  • Busy intersections: Intersections are common for bicycle accidents, as vehicles may fail to yield to cyclists or make negligent turns.
  • Roadways without designated bike lanes: Lack of designated bike lanes forces cyclists to share the road with vehicles, increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Residential areas: Bicycle accidents can also occur in residential areas, where drivers may be less cautious due to lower traffic volume and speed limits.
  • Parking lots: Collisions between cyclists and vehicles frequently happen in parking lots, especially when drivers fail to check for cyclists while reversing or making turns.
  • Tourist areas: Daytona’s tourist areas can experience high traffic volumes, making them potential hotspots for bicycle accidents.

What Causes Bicycle Accidents in Daytona?

Bicycle accidents in Daytona can occur due to various reasons, including:

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  • Distracted driving: Drivers who are texting, talking on the phone, or engaging in other distractions may fail to notice cyclists on the road, leading to accidents.
  • Failure to yield: Drivers who fail to yield to cyclists at intersections or when making turns can cause collisions.
  • Dooring accidents: When parked drivers open their car doors without checking for cyclists, it can result in serious accidents.
  • Speeding: Drivers who exceed the speed limit may be unable to react in time to avoid colliding with cyclists.
  • Drunk driving: Intoxicated drivers may have impaired judgment and reaction time, increasing the risk of accidents involving cyclists.

Suppose you have already been in an accident. In that case, it’s essential to consult with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer to protect your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve.

Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicycle accidents can result in a wide range of injuries, varying from minor to severe.

Some common bicycle accident injuries include:

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  • Head injuries: Traumatic brain injuries, concussions, and skull fractures are common head injuries sustained in bicycle accidents.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Severe impacts can lead to spinal cord injuries, which may result in partial or complete paralysis.
  • Bone fractures: Broken bones, such as fractures in the arms, legs, wrists, or collarbones, are common in bicycle accidents.
  • Internal injuries: Accidents can cause internal injuries to organs such as the liver, spleen, or lungs.
  • Road rash and abrasions: Cyclists often suffer from road rash, which occurs when the skin scrapes against the rough surface of the road.
  • Soft tissue injuries: Sprains, strains, and soft tissue damage can all result from the impact of a bicycle accident.

While some injuries may heal with time and medical treatment, others can have long-lasting effects, leading to permanent disability or chronic pain. To ensure you receive the appropriate compensation for your injuries, it’s crucial to consult with a knowledgeable bicycle accident lawyer who can assess the full extent of your damages.

Fighting the Insurance Company After a Bicycle Accident

After a bicycle accident, dealing with insurance companies can be a complex and frustrating process. Insurance adjusters are trained to minimize payouts and protect their company’s interests, often making it challenging for victims to obtain fair compensation.

Kyle J. Bagen, Esq., personal injury lawyer

Having an experienced bicycle accident lawyer by your side can level the playing field and fight the insurance company. Legal representation gives you leverage so insurers cannot take advantage of you in a vulnerable state.

An attorney can:

  • Handle all communication: Your lawyer will communicate with the insurance company on your behalf, ensuring that your rights are protected and that you are not taken advantage of.
  • Gather evidence: Your attorney will gather all necessary evidence, such as medical records, accident reports, witness statements, and expert opinions, to build a strong case for compensation.
  • Negotiate a fair settlement: Your lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company to secure a fair settlement that fully compensates you for your injuries, medical expenses, lost income, and other damages.
  • Litigate if necessary: In some cases, insurance companies may refuse to offer a fair settlement. In such situations, your attorney will be prepared to take your case to court and fight for your rights in front of a judge and jury.

Having a skilled and experienced attorney handling your bicycle accident claim ensures that you have the best chance of obtaining the maximum compensation you deserve.

What to Do After Suffering a Bicycle Accident Injury

After an injury in a bicycle accident:

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  • Continue with necessary follow-up medical appointments: Follow your doctor’s recommendations and attend all necessary follow-up appointments and treatments. This will help ensure your injuries are properly documented and provide a record of your recovery process.
  • Adhere to your doctor’s instructions with work and activities: Follow your doctor’s instructions regarding work restrictions and physical activities. Pushing yourself too hard can worsen your injuries or hinder the healing process.
  • Preserve evidence: If possible, gather evidence that is available to you — such as photographs of your injuries, the damaged bicycle, and the surrounding area. This evidence can help support your claim later on.
  • Obtain a copy of any police or incident reports: If the police were called to the scene, ensure you obtain a copy of the accident report. This report may contain valuable information that can support your case.
  • Keep detailed records: Maintain a detailed record of all medical expenses, including doctor’s visits, medications, treatments, and any other related costs. Additionally, keep track of any lost income or income due to your injuries.

Taking these steps can help strengthen your case and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. However, the most crucial step you can take is to consult with an experienced Daytona bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney can ensure that your case meets all deadlines in the State.

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