Representing Victims in Pedestrian Accident Claims

What should be among the happiest moments in your life can quickly turn into a tragedy when your baby is injured due to medical malpractice on the part of a doctor, nurse, hospital, or other healthcare provider. Improper handling of the birth by a medical professional can cause injuries or illnesses that can lead to permanent disability or even death. Difficulties in diagnosing such injuries may lead many parents to believe their child’s injury was genetic in origin, when the fact is that many such birth defects could have been prevented. The Gainesville birth injury attorneys of Steven A. Bagen & Associates are here to help you and your family search for answers.

Recovery of Medical Expenses and Financial Compensation for Victims of Birth Injuries

When your child has been injured at birth due to mistakes on the part of a physician, a nurse, or a hospital, this can be the basis of a lawsuit. Your young child’s birth injuries may be life-altering, but by fighting for just compensation, you can help to ease that burden. Your child and your family may be entitled to recovery of medical expenses (both current and future), as well as compensation for pain and suffering, disability and disfigurement, loss of quality of life, and loss of future earnings.

The Gainesville birth injury attorneys at Steven A. Bagen & Associates handle claims arising from a wide range of complications, including:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Erb’s palsy/Brachial plexus palsy
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Newborn jaundice
  • Bruising and lacerations from forceps
  • Bone injury/fracture
  • Cranial or spinal cord injury
  • Spinal birth defects
  • Brain or head injury
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Umbilical cord strangulation
  • C-section injuries

Securing a Better Future for Families Coping with Birth Injuries

If you believe your child may have suffered a birth injury, you need to act immediately to protect your legal rights. The Gainesville birth injury attorneys of Steven A. Bagen & Associates will evaluate your case for free and help your family sort through the options available to you. Let us work with your family to get your medical bills paid and to ensure that your insurance company will pay for future treatment pertaining to your child’s injury. From there, we can work together to determine your best path for financial compensation to secure the best possible life for your injured child.