Florida is home to some of the most notoriously dangerous roads in the country; in one recent year, more than 400,000 total crashes caused over 3,700 fatalities.

Highway 301 has developed a reputation over the years as a particularly dangerous corridor. We see at least one Highway 301 car accident every day.

Were You Injured in a Car Accident on Highway 301?

Every year, thousands of Florida residents sustain injuries and other damages from car accidents. At Steven A. Bagen & Associates, P.A., we are committed to bringing justice to accident victims and helping them recover compensation for their injuries. Our skilled car accident lawyers can help evaluate your case and provide legal advice to support your claim.

We know Highway 301. We know all of the reckless ways people drive on it. We see the statistics, and know that negligence probably led to accidents on Highway 301 yesterday, today, and that more will follow tomorrow. We’re also committed to doing something about it.

If someone’s negligence injured you or a family member on Highway 301, call our Gainesville car accident lawyers for help recovering the compensation you deserve.

How Our Experienced Gainesville Car Accident Attorney Can Help You


A car accident can be a devastating event, and pursuing a car accident claim can often bring more questions than answers to injured victims seeking resolutions. You will find reaching a fair settlement with the assistance of a seasoned car accident lawyer far easier.

At Steven A. Bagen & Associates, P.A., we have seen our fair share of accidents on dangerous highways like the 301 and the terrible losses experienced by those involved. For over 40 years, we have sought justice for clients and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for hurt individuals. We are proud to serve the Florida community and strive to exceed your expectations in every way possible.

An experienced attorney can analyze your case in detail, build a strong claim around it, and compile evidence to support your right to fair compensation. If an auto accident injures you or a loved one, our legal team is here to help. Visit our Gainesville office at 6241 NW 23rd St, or call us at (800) 800-2575 for a free case evaluation. If you cannot come to us, we will gladly take the time to visit you in your office or hospital room.

U.S. Route 301 in Florida

U.S. 301 begins in Sarasota, Florida, and ends in Biddles Corner, Delaware. Following World War II, the interstate road began to see increased traffic from trucks transporting seasonal workers up the Atlantic coast. Over time, the road earned the nickname Bloody 301 due to the high-impact collisions that occurred on it. Longtime residents say that the accidents were partly due to traffic volume exceeding what the road was designed to handle. You can expect that an accident took place on the 301 yesterday. An accident on U.S. 301 today is almost a certainly.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) maintains U.S. 301 in the state. The department’s efforts to improve safety in recent years include plans to widen certain stretches of road to account for heavy traffic and increase safety measures in pedestrian-heavy zones, such as the State Fairgrounds in Hillsborough County. Despite these projects, the U.S. 301 sees a high number of accidents and continues to cause concerns for drivers who rely on it.

Florida Highway Accident Statistics

Florida ranks relatively high in terms of motor vehicle accidents. However, it’s number one in car accident fatalities. A car accident on a busy highway such as the 301 is likely to result in worse injuries due to higher driving speeds.

According to one study involving an analysis of 8,792 fatal crashes in Florida, U.S. 301 was among the most dangerous roads. Highway 301 accounted for the most fatalities in Sumter and Bradford counties, with 10 and 8 fatal crashes, respectively.

Two 301 intersections in Riverview were ranked as some of the most dangerous in Hillsborough County. They accounted for 181 total crashes during this time. Over four years, U.S. 301 saw 16.2 crashes per mile of road.

What Types of Accidents Occur on Highway 301?

Florida’s residents know about the traffic congestion and stressful commutes along the 301. These conditions often lead to risky driving behaviors, such as swerving to get ahead of other drivers or rapid lane-changing.

In addition to dangerous maneuvers in parking lots, intersections, and exits, drivers on the highway often face risks posed by intoxicated drivers, road rage, and speeding. Alcohol is involved in an estimated 21 percent of car accident fatalities and speeding in 9 percent. In addition, Florida’s popularity as a warm-weather spot for vacationers means that more crashes tend to occur during the spring.

While many factors can influence a car accident, crashes commonly involve some combination of these risks. Some of the car accidents that may occur on U.S. 301 are:

Parking Lot Accidents

This type of auto accident usually doesn’t involve the high speeds of one that takes place on a major roadway. However, a parking lot crash can still result in severe injuries and damages. Drivers on the 301 will sometimes use parking lots to make left turns rather than cross several lanes of traffic, creating a danger for parked cars and pedestrians.

Left-Turn Accidents

Left-turn accidents can create risky situations when drivers cross multiple traffic lanes or fail to properly use turn signals. These accidents can result in serious injuries and lead to additional collisions should the crash block traffic for other drivers.

Read-End Collisions

These collisions often result from drivers who follow other vehicles too closely or brake suddenly. Aggressive driving and intoxication are also risk factors for these accidents, which can often result in more severe injury to passengers in the back seat of the leading vehicle or front-facing passengers in the tailing one. So many rear-end collisions take place nationally that one almost certainly happened yesterday, or will happen today, on Highway 301.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions can cause incredible destruction, especially for drivers and front-seat passengers. They often result from a driver who veers into the lane of oncoming traffic. Speeding and intoxication are also risk factors for these accidents.

Sideswipe Accidents

Sideswipe accidents, or side-impact collisions, occur when two vehicles collide at a parallel angle. These accidents can result from swerving or attempting to change lanes without properly checking for clearance.

No matter what type of crash you sustained, a skilled car accident lawyer can help you seek compensation for your injuries. Reach out to one of the experienced attorneys at Steven A. Bagen & Associates, P.A. to learn about your legal options.

Recovering Damages After a Florida Highway 301 Accident

While we cannot guarantee a specific number for your car accident settlement, our lawyers can fight to account for all compensable damages in your claim. These may include economic and non-economic damages related to the severity of your losses. Car accident injuries can range from mild injuries to long-term incapacitation and wrongful death.

Some of the most common injuries after a highway car wreck are:

Car accident victims often feel overwhelmed by medical bills during their recovery and worry about whether their insurance payouts will sufficiently cover these expenses. In addition to the economic repercussions of an accident, you may also find yourself under emotional anguish, stress, and with diminished enjoyment or quality of life. A comprehensive car accident claim will seek to recover non-economic damages for these personal losses.

Other recoverable damages in a car accident case include:

Medical Expenses

These include all costs related to your treatment and rehabilitation, such as emergency care, hospitalization, surgeries, medications, specialized care and physical therapy, medical prostheses, and long-term treatments.

Lost Income

If your accident prevented you from working or returning to work in the future, you may recover lost income and earnings.

Property Damage

Property damage may include damage to your vehicle or personal belongings as well as the cost of repairs. It may also account for the diminished value of your vehicle.

Pain and Suffering

These non-economic damages include mental anguish, decreased happiness, and other losses relating to your quality of life. In the untimely event of a fatal car accident, they may also include loss of companionship or consortium.

A car accident today could create expenses and frustrations that carry into the future. For this reason, you’ll want to get everything you deserve, ensuring your continued recovery and financial security. The skilled auto accident attorneys at Steven A. Bagen & Associates, P.A. can work to develop a strategy around your case to help you receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

Car Accident Claims and the Insurance Company

Following a car accident, the insurance claim process will involve an evaluation by an insurance adjuster, determining the at-fault party or parties, and filing paperwork. This process can highly frustrate victims who find that the insurance companies do not have their best interests at heart. Insurance providers often seek to devalue the claims of policyholders.

An experienced car accident lawyer can help you understand your insurance coverage and your options. An attorney can compile evidence, such as medical records and police reports, to bolster your claim.

Although most cases involving car accidents settle out of court, your attorney can also provide you with legal representation should your case require it. Our legal team believes that a fair settlement is worth pursuing and will work with you to find the best course of action for your circumstances, whether it happened on U.S. 301 yesterday, today, or some other time or on another road.

Florida Highway Accident Law and No-Fault Insurance

The Florida statute of limitations gives car accident victims up to four years from the incident to pursue a claim. We recommend that you speak to an attorney as soon as possible to ensure the progression of your case.

As a no-fault state, Florida requires that drivers carry a minimum of $10,000 in personal injury protection insurance (PIP). Some drivers may also carry bodily injury insurance; however, state law does not require it. Our car accident attorneys can determine what coverage you can access through your policy and that of the other party. Additionally, an attorney can help determine which parties share liability and assist you in filing your claim and navigating paperwork.

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We operate on a contingency fee basis, so our attorneys don’t get paid unless we recover compensation for you.

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