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Public Transportation Accident Claims & Lawsuits

If you were involved in a bus accident or any public transportation-related accident in Gainesville, Florida, we at Steven A. Bagen & Associates may be able to help. Our attorneys and support staff are highly experienced in these types of claims and can assist you in determining what driver or company may be held responsible for your injuries. With our assistance, you may be able to recover the full financial compensation you deserve in the wake of this serious incident.

Your initial consultation with a Gainesville bus accident attorney at our law firm is free. We can talk to you about what you have experienced and what your primary concerns and questions are. We will take the time to offer you honest answers that apply to your unique case.

About Bus Accidents in Gainesville, FL

Public and mass transportation offer many people throughout Florida the opportunity to travel to and from work or school in a cost-effective manner. However, when we board a school bus, commuter bus or any type of vehicle, we are placing our safety in the hands of the bus driver and the company itself. We are also relying on bus manufacturers to make parts that are free from defects of any kind. One mistake or act of wrongdoing can change our lives forever.

A bus accident may result in serious physical injury as well as emotional trauma. At our law firm, we represent victims of bus accidents throughout Gainesville, including passengers on busses as well as other motorists and pedestrians or bicyclists. We can help you with an insurance claim or lawsuit against whatever person or entity was responsible for causing the accident and your injuries, helping you recover the money you need to rebuild your life.

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