Boating accidents are a serious issue in Florida, particularly with the state’s expansive beaches, high rate of tourism and many lakes. Depending on the incident itself, a boating accident may lead to serious injury or even death. Many of these accidents occur due to operator inexperience or error. However, poor weather conditions or a defective product may lead to an accident of this kind.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a boating accident or any related water accident, such as a Jet Ski accident, please do not hesitate to talk to an attorney at our firm. At Steven A. Bagen & Associates our lawyers represent clients throughout Gainesville and all the surrounding areas in boating accident claims. Although Gainesville itself is not on the coast, it is close to several lakes. Residents may also drive out to the beach to partake in boating or a variety of water sports. We handle cases involving both lake and ocean accidents.

Your initial consultation with a boat accident lawyer at our firm is free, and the sooner we can become involved, the better.

Talking to a Boat Accident Lawyer

When a lawyer is able to get involved early in the process of filing an insurance claim or lawsuit after a boating accident, this enables him or her to ensure all aspects of the claim are handled properly. A lawyer can help you avoid unintentionally admitting liability or losing your chance to recover financial compensation if you do not act within the state’s statute of limitations.

Injuries or losing a loved one in a boating accident may have a dramatic and devastating impact on your life. At Steven A. Bagen & Associates, our attorneys believe in helping accident victims and their families seek justice and money to rebuild their lives.

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