Medication Error Attorney in Gainesville

Wrong Medication or Wrong Dose? A Lawyer Can Help

In situations where a doctor, nurse or pharmacist makes an error when prescribing, administering or dispensing medication to a patient, the results may be very serious. The wrong medication or wrong dose may cause a patient to suffer serious side effects or even become catastrophically injured. In situations where a medication error of this kind is caused by negligence or wrongdoing on the part of a medical professional, the injured patient may be able to file a medical malpractice claim. This would give the victim the opportunity to hold the doctor or nurse responsible for their carelessness.

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About Medication Errors in Gainesville

A medication error may occur in different situations and may be committed by different professionals in the field of medicine. Essentially, a medication error would involve any case where a patient received the wrong medicine, the right medicine in the wrong dosage amount, or perhaps a medication to which the patient has a known allergy. Following are a few potential examples of medication errors:

  • A doctor misdiagnoses a patient and prescribes a medication that does not treat his or her illness.
  • A nurse accidentally administers the wrong medication to a patient.
  • A doctor prescribes the right medication but in the wrong dose.
  • A pharmacist is careless and fills a patient’s prescription with the wrong medication.
  • A pharmacist or doctor gives a patient the wrong instructions regarding taking a medication.

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